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Below are answers to some common questions about Virginia Tech's Online MBA program. Please contact Rebecca McGill at or (703) 538-8497 if you have additional questions.


Typically, we expect OMBA applicants to have earned an overall GPA of at least 3.0 in order to be considered for admission into our OMBA program. Additional information regarding our admission requirements can be found here.

No, we do not require GMAT/GRE scores for admission into the program. However, we encourage you to submit your scores to us if you have completed either exam and believe it will strengthen your application. Details regarding our admission requirements can be found here.

Yes. Students must have earned a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university in order to be eligible for admission into our program. No exceptions to this policy can be made.

Yes. A minimum of two years of post-undergraduate degree professional experience is required, with five or more years experience preferred. Military service is applicable. Because the MBA experience is enriched by robust class discussion and study teams benefit from members with a variety of professional backgrounds and perspectives, it is important students bring experience to the program.


Current OMBA tuition rates can be found here. Students will be billed on a per-credit hour basis at the begining of each semester. The OMBA program is residency-neutral, meaning the cost of tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.

OMBA students will take either 9 or 10 credits in fall and spring semesters, and 6 credits each summer, allowing for maximum aid.

Yes. Competitive applicants who complete their application by our established deadlines will automatically be considered for a scholarship. Details regarding scholarship opportunities can be found here.

No, we do not have any GA opportunities available to students in our OMBA program. However, we do have a limited number of GA opportunities available for students enrolled in our Evening MBA program. The Evening MBA program is an in-person program based in Falls Church, Virginia. We encourage you to visit the Evening MBA website to learn more about that program.


No. The OMBA program is a cohort-program, meaning students will complete the courses in lockstep. OMBA students will earn their degree in 24 months. You can pick your preferred time to complete the asynchronous instruction, but the content is available to students and assignments due weekly.

The program is fully online, with 50% synchronous instruction and 50% asynchronous instruction. All synchronous class meetings take place over periodic class weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). Additional details about the format of the program can be found here.

Classes will meet on Friday from 3:00PM to 8:30PM Eastern Time. On Saturday, classes will meet from 9:00AM to 2:30PM Eastern Time.

Yes. Attendance during synchronous class weekends is mandatory. Students will be provided with a course calendar upon enrollment so that they may plan accordingly for participation in class weekends. Typically, class weekend will take place twice per month.

Details regarding the OMBA curriculum can be found here.

No. Our program is a fully online program and it does not include an in-person component.

No. Our OMBA program is fully online and does not require any in-person participation.

Yes. Our OMBA program is offered entirely online and does not require any in-person class participation. Thus, coursework can be completed from any location.

No. Credits from a bachelor’s degree cannot be applied to your OMBA degree even if the undergraduate degree was earned at Virginia Tech.

No, we do not accept transfer credits from other graduate programs. The only exception to this would be courses completed as a part of Virginia Tech’s Master of Information Technology (MIT) or MSBA degrees. Up to six credits earned in those degrees may be counted towards MBA elective credits.

No, we do not offer tuition discounts for federal employees.

Yes, VT tuition benefits may be applied to the OMBA program. For information about the VT tuition benefit, contact You can also visit the VT HR website for more information.

Virginia Tech offers two formats of the MBA program, both designed to meet the needs of working professionals. These programs vary in features, allowing you to select the best fit for your needs. You can find a comparison of our programs here. As you explore the different options, you will see the unique benefits the formats offer. Applicants are expected to do their due diligence in understanding which program meets their needs and apply to that program. If you’d like to schedule a call with a member of our team to determine which program might be right for you, please contact us at