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Applications for the Virginia Tech Evening MBA program are submitted electronically through the Virginia Tech Graduate School application system. The full application process takes about an hour to complete. You may save entered information and return to the application system at your own pace. 

To complete and submit your application, the following application materials are required:

  • Completed online application form
  • A copy of the official results of your GMAT or GRE or GMAT/GRE Waiver Form (please note that waivers are not guaranteed)
  • A scanned copy of official transcripts from all universities or colleges, where degree was conferred (NOTE: Virginia Tech students do not need to submit official transcripts)
  • A copy of your resume
  • One letter of reference required (a second letter is optional)
  • Required essay
    • Option One: The global pandemic in 2020-2021 was a collective, shared experience that saw people displaying great acts of kindness and courage yet also brought with it a large division in the United States. What examples of leadership would you cite during that time as being positive contributors to people’s lives and how might you incorporate those traits into your professional life to exemplify the Virginia Tech motto, Ut Prosim, That I May Serve? (300 words)
    • Option Two: InclusiveVT is a commitment to a more just and inclusive world, starting at Virginia Tech. What have you learned or experienced about inclusion and diversity over the last year? Describe an effort or action you have taken as a leader to help create a welcoming and affirming place at work or within your community.  (300 words)
  • 2-minute video
    •  Please submit a two-minute video in which you tell us something about yourself or your experiences that we would not learn from reviewing your other application materials. A video produced via mobile phone is sufficient.
  • Optional statement
    • Please feel free to submit a statement that includes any additional information you believe would be helpful to the committee regarding your academic or professional history. This may include an explanation of academic issues, employment gaps, or to highlight academic, personal, or professional accomplishments that will strengthen your application.
  • Academic and professional goals statement (as required for all Virginia Tech graduate students)
    • Applicants are asked to provide a 1 - 2 page, double-spaced personal statement that adresses why you are pursuing a graduate degree, why at Virginia Tech, and why now.
  • A non-refundable $75 application fee


  • Go to the Graduate School application system site
  • Click the 'Create a New Account' link. Once you confirm your email address, you will receive another email with a temporary passcode.
  • Login with your email and temporary passcode
  • You will be prompted to create a new passphrase
  • Fill in the name fields to finalize your account set up


To start your application:

  • Login to the Graduate School application system site with your email address and the passphrase you created
  • Click the 'Start New Application' link at the bottom of your home screen
  • Select your application term
  • Select your application type — Most applicants will select 'Degree Seeking' unless they are applying as Commonwealth Campus ('Non-Degree Seeking') or applying to be readmitted to the program. Please contact us if you are not sure which application type you are.
  • Click the 'Create Application' button
  • Click the 'Open Application' button


Once you open your application, you will see there are multiple sections to complete. Please fill out the fields as instructed in the application. Additional information for some sections is included below:

Personal Background:

  • International applicants must apply using their legal name exactly as it appears on their passport

Optional Information:

  • Returning VT Students must supply your VT student ID number (PID)

Domicile Information:

  • While the Evening MBA has a universal tuition rate, in-state residents do receive lower university fee rates. If you live in VA, please be sure to submit the in-state tuition questionnaire. If you do not provide proof of in-state residency, you will be billed a Commonwealth Facility & Equipment Fee for each semester that you take courses.
  • Permanent Residents [PR] must supply a copy of PR registration card
  • Non-U.S. citizens must have a visa

Program of Study:

  • Select 'Business Administration' from the 'Program' dropdown
  • Select 'Evening MBA' from the 'Program Option' dropdown
  • Select 'MBA' from the 'Degree Type' dropdown
  • Check the 'National Capital Region (D.C.)' box 
  • Select your term of study (i.e. fall or spring) — You may need to click the 'Continue' button and come back to the 'Program of Study' section to select your term. If you do not see the term options, please ensure that all information has been entered into the 'Domicile Information' section.



  • Click the 'Review' section to ensure that all required fields have been filled out
  • Submit your application
  • Pay the non-refundable application fee ($75) — If you received an application fee waiver code, please be sure to enter this in the 'Financial Assistance' section before submitting your application.


Your application cannot be reviewed until your letters of recommendation are received. We encourage you to send the email requesets to your recommenders through the application system as soon as possible. This can be done before your application is submitted.


Applicants who are accepted for admission and intend to enroll will need to send an official transcript(s) showing conferral of their degree(s) to the MBA Program Office at:

Virginia Tech - Northern Virginia Center
MBA Program Office - Suite 341
7054 Haycock Rd.
Falls Church, VA 22043

Please send your GMAT score to the Northern VA Center / Falls Church, VA - ETS Institution Code 5859. Select VT - NVC when registering for the GMAT exam. For additional information on the exam, please visit

For the GRE option the code for Virginia Tech is 5859. For additional information about the exam, please visit


  • Students with undergraduate degrees from universities outside the U.S. should also submit a report from a credential evaluation service that converts grades into a grade point average (GPA) with a course by course break down of their degree. The university will accept evaluations done by any credentialing agency listed on the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services web site
  • SpanTran is one available international transcript evaluation service. They have created a custom webpage for Virginia Tech's MBA programs that will make sure MBA applicants select the right kind of evaluation at a discounted rate. You can find the custom webpage for Virginia Tech MBA applicants here.
  • TOEFL scores are required of all international students whose first language is not English, except those applicants who have graduated from an accredited university where English is the language of instruction. For additional information on the TOEFL exam, please visit their website.
  • Additional information for international graduate students can be found on the Cranwell International Center site