MBA Advisory Board

MBA Advisory Board

The MBAAB consists of MBA alumni hailing from all three of the Virginia Tech MBA Programs (Evening, Executive, and Professional), as well as the full-time program previously offered on the Blacksburg Campus. These alumni work with the MBA Program Office to host social gatherings throughout the MBA Programs' geographic footprint and provide programming that promotes recruitment and job placement.

Executive Committee

Professional Image of Jessica Gulick, MBA Advisory Board President

Jessica Gulick
Executive MBA, 2007

Chief Executive Officer, Katzcy Consulting

MBAAB Member Since 2014; President 2015-present


Professional image of Evelyn McGill, MBA Advisory Board VP

Evelyn V. McGill
Vice President
Evening MBA, 1990

Executive Director, Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission

MBAAB Member since 2013; Vice President 2014-present; Alumni Relations Committee


Professional image of Tim Chase, Career Comittee Chair

Tim Chase
Career Committee Chair
Evening MBA, 1991

Principal, Deloitte Consulting

MBAAB Member Since 2013


Professional image of Dennis Sorenson, Strategy Committee Chair

Dennis Sorenson
Strategy Committee Chair
Executive MBA, 2013

Senior Program Manager for Unmanned Systems & Directed Energy Weapons, Accelerated Development & Support Corporation

MBAAB Member Since 2013


Image of Maureen McAllister, Alumni Relations Chair

Maureen McAllister
Alumni Relations Chair
Executive MBA, 2007

Senior Account Executive, Visa

MBAAB Member


MBAAB Members

Image of Stephanie Alexander, MBA Advisory Board Member

Stephanie Alexander
Executive MBA, 2012

CEO & Founder, Boost LLC and Govmates

MBAAB Member Since 2016


Image of Chris Gallagher, MBA Advisory Board Member

Chris Gallagher
Full-time MBA, 2012

Business Analyst, Salesforce

MBAAB Member since 2015; Career Committee


Black and white image of Frank Puleo, MBA Advisory Board member

Frank Puleo
Executive MBA, 2015

Strategy and Management Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

MBAAB Member Since 2015


Jeffrey H. Smith
Evening MBA, 1998

President, Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc.

MBAAB Member since 2015; Strategy Committee



Jason L. Babcock
Professional MBA, 2014

Technical Sales Engineer, Paschal Associates, LLC

MBAAB Member Since 2015; Alumni Relations Committee


Ruth Caul
Full-time MBA, 1993

Senior Manager, Human Resources, WestRock

MBAAB Member since 1998; Alumni Relations Committee


Linda Eddy
Evening MBA, 2000

SVP, Investor Relations & Asst. Corporate Secretary, FBR & Co

MBAAB Member Since 2014; Alumni Relations; Career Committee


Bala Iyer
Executive MBA, 2013

Chief Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton

MBAAB Member since 2014; Strategy Committee


Emily Jones
Professional MBA, 2007

Administrator, Medical Facilities of America: Beaufont Health and Rehabilitation Center

MBAAB Member Since 2013; Career Committee


Jean Sprague
Full-time MBA, 2000

Human Resources Manager, Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc.

MBAAB Member Since 2013; Career Committee


Rachelle Walker
Evening MBA, 2012

Finance Manager

MBAAB Member since 2015; Strategy Committee


Greg Withers
Evening MBA, 2003

First Citizens Bank

MBAAB Member since 2015; Strategy Committee


Eddy Yager
Full-time MBA, 1984

Partner — Retired, Accenture

MBAAB Member Since 1991; President, 2004-2005; Vice President, 2002-2003; Strategy Committee