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Virginia Tech Evening MBA Program | Part-time MBA in DC Area


The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program is a part-time MBA program in the Washington, DC area that provides maximum flexibility for working professionals who value an in-person learning experience







Below are a few of the accomplished recipients of the Fall 2022 Evening MBA scholarship awards.

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Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Roger Dial

Roger Dial
B.A. Management Information Systems | Cleveland State University
Master of Information Technology | Virginia Tech

I believe that completing the Virginia Tech MBA program will allow me to elevate my career to a new level. Since most of my career has been very focused on technical tasks, the MBA will broaden my knowledge and skill set to allow me to move into more strategic positions within my organization. It will also expand my thought processes and decision making capabilities to make me more valuable to my organization. From a personal perspective, it will satisfy my desire to always be learning and growing.

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Samantha Dickmyer

Samantha Dickmyer
B.B.A. Finance, Minor in Business Analytics | James Madison University

​When considering part time MBA programs, Virginia Tech's Evening MBA was always the obvious choice for me. I am excited to connect with and learn from my knowledgeable peers and professors in person this fall in a way that fits into my busy full time work schedule and extracurricular heavy lifestyle. As a financial analyst within the government contracting space, I know that the enhancement of important technical and analytical skills needed to excel in my day-to-day work that this program provides will be complemented by hands-on, actionable guidance in improving interpersonal communication skills and relationship building that directly translate to my personal life and professional goals. I can't wait to see how this adventure helps shape my future interests and abilities - Go Hokies!

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Linden Olberg

Linden Olberg
B.A. Political Science, Minor in International Relations & B.A. Middle Eastern and North African Studies | University of California, Los Angeles

I have been wanting to get my MBA for several years, and when I finally decided to pull the trigger, Virginia Tech’s part-time Evening MBA program offered everything I wanted! I believe this program will provide the intellectual stimulation and academic rigor I desire, while still allowing me the flexibility to grow professionally and become an expert in my field. I look forward to joining the Hokie family and taking the next step personally, academically, and professionally.

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Alicia Richardson

Alicia Richardson
B.A. International Affairs, Minor in History | James Madison University
Master of Information Technology | Virginia Tech

As a software engineer in a family-run business, I am complimenting the Master of Information Technology degree I just earned at Virginia Tech with the MBA.  Within the company are a number of technically proficient employees but few who are knowledgeable about business. Professionally, the MBA program will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for handling the administrative/business side of the company and personally, the MBA will help with the inter-personal skills that are so necessary for life.

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Justin Rinker

Justin Rinker
B.S. Industrial Engineering & M.S. Management Science | Lehigh University

The Virginia Tech MBA program will develop my business and leadership skills and help me advance to the next phase in my career. Specifically, I hope to apply the methods and frameworks I learn in the program to enhance existing strategic planning processes at my organization. I look forward to building relationships with other students in the program and learning from our collective experiences.