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Virginia Tech Evening MBA Program | Part-time MBA in DC Area


Located in the Washington, DC area, the Virginia Tech Evening MBA program allows working professionals to earn an MBA at their own pace while bringing new knowledge and skills to the workplace.





Below are a few of the accomplished recipients of the Fall 2021 Evening MBA scholarship awards.

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Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Jennifer Isom

Jennifer Isom
B.S. Management - Human Resources concentration and B.S. Hospitality and Tourism Management | Virginia Tech

After receiving my bachelor’s degrees at Virginia Tech, it was an easy decision for me when deciding where to continue my education. Having an in-person program in the Northern Virginia area is important to me as it allows me to meet other professionals like myself. The Evening MBA program has shown me how to apply class examples to real scenarios in my workplace, and will provide me with the knowledge needed to further my career.

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Bashar Jarrar

Bashar Jarrar
B.S. Computer Engineering | Bucknell University

When making the decision to pursue my MBA part-time, Virginia Tech's Evening MBA program was the only program that I had in my sights. The program offered an exciting array of courses to enhance my business acumen while simultaneously engaging my love for technology by giving me the opportunity to earn another degree in IT while at it. Seeing this combination and having gone through the program for almost two years now, I know that the knowledge I have gained and skills I have learned from my time thus far have already made me grow in ways that I did not even foresee for myself. Classes such as Web Applications and E-Commerce, Crime & Conflict in Cyberspace, Accounting I & II and Organizational Behavior have served me especially well in my pursuit to becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business in the near future. Hands down the best decision I have ever made in my career. Go Hokies!

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient James Jung

James Jung
B.S. Chemistry | Purdue University

As a professional who recently made a career change, pursuing the Virginia Tech MBA program was a great decision for my personal and professional growth. It provided me with fundamental accounting and business knowledge that I apply daily at work and gave me an opportunity to build a professional relationship with classmates and professors. Also, the program's flexibility has allowed me to continue working full-time while preparing for career advancement. 

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Andrew Lensing

Andrew Lensing
B.S. Finance, Minor in Economics | George Mason University

I always knew I wanted to further my education past my undergraduate degree, just needed to find the right program. I was looking for a program that was much more than a “check the box” MBA, but instead one that would push and challenge me as a professional while fitting into my already busy schedule. The part-time Evening MBA program at Virginia Tech has been that perfect fit for me. The in-person setting has been instrumental in developing and growing my soft skills that directly translate to my job as a financial manager working in government contracting industry. The focus of the program to build leaders, not just graduates, is accomplished with top quality professors and a collaborative style of teaching.

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Alexis Monahan

Alexis Monahan
B.S. Psychology and B.A. Communications | Virginia Tech

As a Double Hokie, I am proud to be a student in the Virginia Tech Evening MBA program.  The core courses provide fundamental business principles, which can then be personalized into areas of specialization through the elective offerings.  With guidance of the Evening MBA staff, I have been able to craft my plan of study to my career goals by specializing in organizational leadership.  And the knowledge and skills I have learned have been immediately applicable to my professional career, which I am able to maintain while attending evening classes.   The program has truly provided me with so many networking connections, mentorship possibilities, and career advice services.  I know that my time in this excellent program will benefit me in the years to come.  Go Hokies!

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Pedro Rivera

Pedro Rivera
B.S. Engineering Science and Mechanics | Virginia Tech

Enrolling in Virginia Tech's Part-Time MBA Program has been extremely valuable towards my professional development by allowing me to directly apply what I have learned in the classroom to my daily work and facilitating the development of stronger professional relationships with managers, colleagues, and clients. All the professors and faculty of the Program understand that all the students are working professionals, so the program is centered around flexibility to enable the students to effectively balance their professional and academic work. Through Virginia Tech’s Part-Time MBA Program, I have grown in confidence regarding my own understanding and ability to become a successful leader in the corporate environment.

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith
B.S. Accounting and B.S. Finance | George Mason University

As a manager at Deloitte, the Virginia Tech Evening MBA program gives me the flexibility to continue to build my career, while furthering my education. I am certain that the lessons I have and will learn in this program will help me become a better leader at my firm and in my community. Let's go Hokies!

Virginia Tech MBA Scholarship Recipient Michaela Suomi

Michaela Suomi
B.S. Management, Minor in International Business and Business Leadership | Virginia Tech

Before I applied to the Virginia Tech MBA program, I called the MBA Program Director, Dana, to have a conversation about if the MBA program would be a worthwhile investment, given that my undergraduate degree was in business management from Virginia Tech. I was concerned that there would be too much overlap between the two degrees. Dana shared with me about how the MBA program has classes in some of the same topic areas, but that the graduate classes would teach from a completely different vantage point and I would learn from a new angle. I am happy to say that she was completely right and I am very glad that I decided to go forward and apply to the MBA program at Virginia Tech. The classes built upon the foundation of my undergraduate and took my understanding of the topics to a much higher level that is more applicable to my job and future roles that I want to grow into. I have taken classes while working full time and I have been very grateful for the flexibility of the Evening MBA program. I have been able to set my own pace and adjust my course load depending on how busy I am with my other commitments. The class sizes are small enough that I have been able to still make some great connections with classmates and the faculty is always very approachable and helpful! I have enjoyed the autonomy to be able to pick and choose across the different elective areas to create a course of study that is completely tailored to my interests and future pursuits. Go Hokies!