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MBA + MIT Dual Degree

In today’s digital age, as technology drives innovation throughout the enterprise, business acumen and technology expertise are emerging as essential skills.

A dual technology and business degree from Virginia Tech provides professionals on both sides of the fence with the flexibility they need to sharpen a wide array of skills while continuing to build a career.


Virginia Tech's dual degree Master of Business Administration and Master of Information Technology is available to students based in the greater Washington, D.C., metro area.

Students enrolled in Virginia Tech's #23 nationally-ranked Evening MBA program have the opportunity to earn the #3 nationally-ranked Master of Information Technology degree in a compressed timeframe and at a lower cost by double-counting up to five courses.

Both degree programs are designed for working professionals, offering students the flexibility to contribute to business growth, revenue, and innovation as a working professional today—and as a substantially more marketable leader tomorrow.


While enrolled in the Evening MBA program (17 courses totaling 48 credit hours) students take approved courses to fulfill their electives, up to five of which can then be double-counted towards completion of the Master of Information Technology degree.

Upon successful completion of the MBA program, students must formally apply to the Master of Information Technology program. Admission is guaranteed.

Students then complete the Master of Information Technology degree (11 courses totaling 33 credit hours). Dual-degree students can earn the additional degree by taking as few as six additional courses if they have appropriately planned their study with both their MBA and MIT academic advisors. 


The dual degree MBA + MIT program provides a best-of-both-worlds, hybrid learning experience through a combination of in-person and online coursework.

An in-person class format for the Evening MBA program encourages students to establish valuable working relationships with classmates, and engage with top-notch faculty. 

A 100% online format for the Master of Information Technology degree provides additional flexibility for working professionals and opportunity to work with students from across the country.

Dual-degree students can expect the majority of their early courses to take place at the Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church through May 2024. Beginning Fall 2024, courses will take place at the Innovation Campus. As students progress to the elective stage of their MBA, they will begin taking more online courses. Once dual-degree students have completed their MBA and formally applied to the MIT program, all of their remaining courses will take place online.

Both degree programs are highly flexible and allow you to determine your courseload each semester.


To learn more about the dual degree MBA + MIT program, please attend an upcoming information session or contact Rebecca McGill, Associate Director of MBA Recruiting, at or 703-538-8497.

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