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Evening MBA Scholarship Recipients

Below are a few of our accomplished recipients that received scholarships during the Fall 2020 semester.

Seth Rodgers

Seth Rodgers
BS Management | Penn State

"Ethical leadership is transforming the professional landscape in both the private and public sectors for the better. Responsible stewardship starts with education, and I am honored to join the Hokie family in guiding that next step. As my own development continues, a Virginia Tech MBA will aid in my vision to promote positive change!"

John Kiefer

John Kiefer
BS Aerospace Engineering | Virginia Tech

“Working professionally as an engineer in the fast paced technology industry challenges me daily to learn and to adapt. The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program provides an exciting curriculum that I am confident will pose a new challenge that I hope will prepare me with the skills necessary for the next phase of my career.  Additionally, I'm excited at the prospect of learning from such an accomplished group of faculty and at the opportunity of working alongside a cohort of peers with such a range of backgrounds and skill sets. Similar to my time as an undergrad in Blacksburg, I fully expect that the people I meet along the way will be the longest lasting impact of my participation in the program.

Vadim Zhitnikov

Vadim Zhitnikov
BS Nursing | Brigham Young University

“Working full time and having a family and paying for my graduate degree could be challenging. I am very grateful for the scholarship which will help me tremendously. I am the first person in my family to have a BS degree and on the way to be the first person to have a graduate degree. The MBA degree from Virginia Tech will help me advance in my healthcare profession but moreover it will open more doors for me if I choose to go a different route in my career. "

Christopher Barden

Christopher Barden
BS Finance | George Mason University

"I hope the Virginia Tech Evening MBA program will help enhance my business understanding and knowledge, while being able to implement what I learn during the day at work. The biggest advantage I see in the VT MBA program is being able to get an education from a world class university, in-person while continuing my professional career. I hope to build relationships with other working professionals in the DC Metro area and learn from our experiences to help us collectively improve professionally and personally."

Ben Waters

Ben Waters
BS Civil Engineering | Clarkson University

“I hope to use my Virginia Tech MBA to further my education on the business side of my industry, and to complement the engineering education I received in undergrad. I hope to strengthen my management and financial skills in order further my development at my current company, and to use the skills I learn to advance my career and take on more responsibility. The end goal is to be able to manage my own projects at my job”

For the Fall 2019 semester, 13 incoming Evening MBA students received scholarships. Below are a few of our accomplished recipients. 

Kevin Kuan

Kevin Kuan
BS Business Information Technology | Virginia Tech

"Through the juxtaposition of technical development and strategy management projects as a Cloud Infrastructure Consultant, I believe the Evening MBA Program will sharpen my skills and provide the tools for me to reach my goals in both realms. The flexibility of the program has allowed me to continue working full-time and the material learned in class can be directly applied to my work. Furthermore, the analytical nature of the classes has helped me comprehend how different industries operate and network with individuals in those respective industries. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this excellent program, Go Hokies!" 

Dena Carey

Dena Carey
BS Nursing | Bellarmine University
BS Health Science | James Madison University

“As a student in the Evening MBA program, I’m excited for the chance to expand my knowledge from nursing and the sciences to better understand how the business of healthcare works. I want to be a versatile leader that understands the many aspects of healthcare from operations to management and leadership to financial decisions and what impact they have on our organization. Personally, I am looking forward to the challenge of diving into the world of business and becoming a new member of the Hokie family!”

Marcel Thom

Marcel Thom
BSBUS Management | Wayland Baptist University

“As a former United States Air Force supervisor, leader, and manager, I love the opportunity to mentor and foster teamwork, to form a cohesive, hostile free work environment for everyone that I supervised and managed on a daily basis. I feel that these skills would be a very valuable contribution to Virginia Tech’s MBA program because of my professional business experience, project management, and analytical skills. I plan on using my business management, military leadership, and experiential skills to further my knowledge as a true subject matter expert in the business and financial arena as a public servant in the United States Government.  I feel that although my undergraduate degree is in Business Management, I need to take it further by attaining my MBA in a reputable program such as Virginia Tech, in order to sharpen my skills as a successful business leader."

Adriana Caldarelli

Adriana Caldarelli
MS Environmental Policy | New Jersey Institute of Technology
BS Natural Resources Management | Rutgers University

“I spent much of my career as an environmental regulator, and in that capacity my technical degrees served me well.  However, I have recently transitioned into program development and have been finding that my technical degrees were no longer sufficient for this new phase of my career.  After considering a number of programs, I chose the Virginia Tech part-time Evening MBA program because it allows me to learn the business skills I need while still being able to meet my professional and personal obligations.  The program is conveniently located, and, unlike many similar programs, it is not an online program.  The classroom time allows for better interaction with the professors and my classmates and allows me to further build my professional network.”

Marshall Kregg

Marshall Kregg
BA Government & International Relations | George Mason University

“I am an Army veteran and currently work in cybersecurity. I have been in program management for the last 2 years. Being in program management, I touch about all aspects of the business processes within my program like technical expertise, workflow management, delivery, and finance. Virginia Tech is at the tip of the spear when it comes to MBA programs of the future. The MBA at Virginia Tech can be tailor-made for information technology and cybersecurity professionals. We are one of the only schools which offers an in-person MBA that can focus on IT and cyber management. I am blessed to have the opportunity to take classes, such as ‘Cybersecurity Program Design and Operations’, to learn from experts in the field that translate directly to my career.  Since the beginning of my transition out of the military, starting VT MBA is proving to be the best decision that I have made.”

Meet the five highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Spring 2019.

Paras Jain

Paras Jain
BS Computer Engineering | Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya

"I am a Software Architect by profession and usually I am involved in the technical aspects of the business. I was always curious to learn more about the business aspects.  [The] MBA at Virginia Tech provides me the opportunity to do just that. I got the opportunity to learn the business aspects like Economics, Accounting, Operations Management, Finance, and Marketing. I am specializing in Business Intelligence/Business Analytics which is very much relevant in my current field. So far I am enjoying the program very much. The professors are very knowledgeable in their subject areas, and the program is in the evening which enables me to keep my job and still continue my education."

Veronika Lantseva

Veronika Lantseva
BS Marketing Management | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

“In my career as a consulting professional, I have worked with organizations across multiple industries. The Virginia Tech MBA program has allowed me to further sharpen my business acumen and to study cases to learn what strategies have or have not worked for other business leaders. In this program, I have had the chance to get to know talented individuals, both professors and students, and to learn from their experiences. I very much look forward to the study abroad because it will give me the opportunity to meet leaders of Scandinavian firms, to learn about how they run their organizations, and to see what I can bring back and apply in my work.”

Lashawnda Rufino

Lashawnda Rufino
BBA Finance | Howard University

“The Virginia Tech MBA program has had a significant impact on my professional career. I have taken elective classes in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics that have been extremely useful in my career growth. The application of the Business Intelligence assisted me in leading my organization’s transition to the Microsoft Power BI platform. Using Power BI, we have created user-friendly, interactive reports and dashboards that provide insightful and actionable information to our senior leaders.”  

Nagaraj Tukkapuram

Nagaraj Tukkapuram
BTech Mechanical Engineering | Sri Venkateswara University

“The Virginia Tech MBA program has broadened my perspective and provided me the essential tools needed to analyze the impact of business decisions in a competitive global Business Environment. I believe my education at Virginia Tech MBA program has transformed me personally and professionally and imparted the confidence and skills to lead me anywhere in the world. I will treasure my MBA experience for years to come, as I carry my personal piece of history.”

Kay Zacharias-Andrews

Kay Zacharias-Andrews
BS Biological Sciences | University of Mary

“I always knew that I wanted to get my masters, but I couldn't find a program that fit my life and career goals. That is until I found Virginia Tech's MBA program. Virginia Tech's Evening MBA program allows me to pursue my interests and further my career all while allowing me to maintain my personal obligations. The material has been directly applicable to my work and had immediate impacts on my career. The location is convenient, and I enjoy the community of students and instructors from diverse career backgrounds.”

Meet the seven highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Fall 2018:

Carrington Austin

Carrington Austin
BS Systems Engineering | University of Virginia
“Although I have just started my journey with the Evening MBA Program, I have been planning for this step in my life for several years, and I cannot imagine a better place to have landed than at Virginia Tech. The program fits perfectly into my schedule, and through the wide range of course offerings I am able to explore different business aspects than what I am exposed to every day at work. The program is providing me with the opportunity and skills necessary to achieve the professional growth I am seeking.”

Yasemin Birkan

Yasemin Birkan
BS Information Systems and Operations Management | George Mason University
"My recent admission into Virginia Tech’s nationally-ranked Evening MBA program has already proven to be a great opportunity for me to learn from experienced business professionals coming from diverse backgrounds. I decided to start my MBA journey early in my career after I began working in corporate finance while finishing my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Operations Management. I am confident that this program will help me gain a stronger comprehension of finance and accounting after taking the coursework offered through the Financial Management Area of Specialization, while also allowing me to develop critical communication, teamwork, and leadership skills." 

 Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen
BA International Affairs | George Washington University
“I'm a software entrepreneur and started the Virginia Tech MBA program to fill gaps in my business knowledge. Many of the program's courses have been immediately relevant to running and growing the business, such as accounting, negotiations, and innovation strategy. The program has given me opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had to expand my perspective and network, including touring factories in India, creating marketing for a well-known local restaurant chain, pairing me with an alumni mentor at a venture-backed startup, and attending a venture capital bootcamp. The faculty are knowledgeable and helpful, and the students are engaged and collaborative. It's a wonderful program.”

Dipanker Paul

Dipanker Paul
BE Computer Engineering | Assam University

“While I am guided by experience and intuition today, I do want to learn the formal methodologies of management. A nationally recognized and accredited program like Virginia Tech MBA will help me do just that. Coming from an IT background, Virginia Tech MBA will provide me a solid foundation and body of business knowledge which will help me marry technology with business to create a more innovative, productive and profitable organization that I may work for in the future."

Constance Samuels

Constance Samuels
BS Hospitality Management | Virginia State University

“The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program allows me the opportunity to pursue my goal of obtaining a graduate degree without interrupting my career. I desired the business acumen and refined skills to assist with my trajectory into more senior leadership roles, building upon my background and experience in hospitality management. It was imperative that I coupled my experience with a program that was both reputable and convenient. I have already started using skills and lessons learned in the program within my current role, bolstering my technical ability and influence within my organization. I am confident that my return on investment, in time and money, will contribute to my overall future and success.”

Darshan Sangani

Darshan Sangani
BS Operations Management and Information Systems | 
University of Maryland, College Park

“I'm a firm believer in the power of reinforcement and repetition. After studying business at the University of Maryland: Smith School of Business, I went on to work for about 3 years, prior to starting the Evening MBA program at Virginia Tech. Going through the courses in the Evening MBA program after having worked for a little bit makes the subject matter applicable to real-life scenarios and has enabled me to learn with fresh perspective. As I advance in my career, the Virginia Tech MBA will allow me to hone my fundamental core business skills, grow as a leader, and build my professional confidence.”

Bilal Shamim

Bilal Shamim
BS Accounting | West Virginia University

“As a professional who has focused primarily in Financial Statements and Tax Compliance, the program has contributed immensely to my learning and skill set. Due to the technical nature of the courses, I have gained a deeper understanding of Finance, Data analytics and business strategy. It has helped me gain new insights via collaboration on projects and sharing ideas with peers who bring substantial work experience from different industries. I am honored to be a part of this highly ranked program with great faculty and alumni network.”

David Yarnell

David Yarnell
BS Biological Sciences | John Carroll University

"I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to creating lasting friendships both personally and professionally. Virginia Tech's MBA program will help shape me into a strong leader in my industry.  The Hokie network is unbelievable, and I am proud to be a part of it."





Meet the five highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Spring 2018:

Jackie Glass
BS Economics, BS Marketing Management | Virginia Tech

"The Virginia Tech MBA program has expanded my knowledge of all business units faster and more efficiently than any on-the-job training could do. It has allowed me to explore different fields while gaining valuable networking opportunities and in-depth experience in my chosen field. I am thankful such a highly-ranked MBA program with excellent professors, staff, and students is available to me in the DC area!"

Nidaal Jubran
BS Psychology, BS Mass Communication | Towson University
"For me, there was never a question that I would return to school for my MBA. Although this is still the beginning of my journey, my experience with the Virginia Tech faculty and student body have been enriching and more rewarding than I could have anticipated. The program has opened my eyes to a variety of disciplines within the Virginia Tech MBA program. I found that I have developed a passion for Accounting and Finance in particular, and I look forward to gaining knowledge of these topics in greater detail in the semesters to come. Combined with my background in statistics and marketing, I am confident that a Virginia Tech MBA will not only help me to reach new heights in my career, but may also afford me with the leadership skills to mentor and support other young professionals as they chart their own course for development."

Girish Kharat
BE Electrical Engineering | Veermata Jijabai Tech Institute
"The Virginia Tech MBA program has helped me understand how businesses work beyond technology initiatives. Coming from the engineering background and working all these years as a technologist, I had myopic view towards business decisions. With the learnings from this program, I am able to understand strategic planning, think divergently, and develop leadership skills which are paramount in leadership roles. Enrolling in such a nationally-ranked MBA program is already proving to be a good investment of time and money."

Richard Mack
BS Mechanical Engineering | Clemson University

"Starting my Virginia Tech Evening MBA this Fall, I immediately recognized the value in the degree. Within the first month I was able to apply concepts I was learning in class to my everyday work. Working as a Sales Manager for a manufacturing company, we collaborate with all facets of the organization on a day to day basis. The topics explored in the Virginia Tech Evening MBA allow me to better communicate with colleagues across organizational borders. Not only has it already improved my intracompany communication, it has also improved my ability to understand my customer's actions and requests. I look forward to the continuation of these trends through the rest of my time at Virginia Tech."

Syed Mansoor
BS Computer Engineering | NED University Engineering & Tech

"[The] Virginia Tech Evening MBA is a key driver of positive change in my professional career and it has given me the knowledge and opportunity to acquire and strengthen my current professional position. VT MBA's relevant course offerings and highly qualified faculty and administration are an asset to the program."

Meet the six highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Fall 2017:

Image of Cara Fishman

Taylor Cavanagh
BA Economics; Minor in Foreign Affairs | University of Virginia
“The Virginia Tech MBA program has opened my eyes to a wide variety of careers beyond the field of Government contracting and given me the tools to pursue them, whether it be marketing, finance or operations management.  The analytic nature of the program has better prepared me to be successful in this world of big data, while the program's flexibility allows me to balance my career with my studies and personal life.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in this program, surrounded by such talented classmates and teachers!”

Image of Gowtam Chirluri

Melissa Divecchia
BBA Marketing, Minor in Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude | College of William and Mary
“I was looking for a reputable program that would allow me to pursue my MBA on my own terms.  I have experience in IT consulting, and the Virginia Tech MBA program allows me to combine my previous knowledge with an enhanced business perspective.  I value the flexibility and quality of the program because I can continue my full time employment and prepare for life changes at work and beyond.”

Image of Esha Zaman

Thomas Frick
BS Business Administration, BS Economics, Magna Cum Laude | Elon University
"Working for a financial technology company, I was looking for an MBA program that would round out my knowledge in finance, but also allow me to learn more about project management and product development. VT’s Evening MBA has given me that and more. Through the program, I’ve built a strong foundation in ethics, analysis, and leadership, which has benefited me both personally and professionally. Also, the flexibility of being able to complete the program part-time at my own pace, while working 40-50 hours a week, has been invaluable."

Image of Aashish Raj Simha

Cole Jamison
BS Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Cum Laude | George Mason University
“The Virginia Tech MBA program has been an excellent way to build upon my engineering background and provided me with a skill set that will be useful as I grow into higher positions throughout my career.  The classes have been full of great people from a wide variety of backgrounds and interesting discussions that frequently relate the curriculum to current events.  I couldn’t be happier to be a member of the Virginia Tech community. I look forward to continuing the program!”

Image of Tobias Planert

Kyrylo Kruchynin
BS Applied Mathematics | Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University
"The Virginia Tech MBA is contributing to my professional growth on a daily basis when I have to work on solving business problems as a software developer. Deeper learning of business disciplines helps me to better understand user needs and to develop better solutions. The knowledge of Finance and Accounting classes assists the most as I work in finance industry."

Image of Stephen Boynton

Katie Pidano
BS Electrical Engineering, Honors | Temple University
“Coming from an engineering background, I wanted my master's degree to be less technically focused. The Evening MBA program has given me a great overall understanding of how businesses operate and how all of the different areas interact. I have enjoyed getting to know my classmates and their varied employment backgrounds and I know that the Virginia Tech MBA will help me to succeed in my career in the future.”

Meet the ten highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Spring 2017:


Stephen Boynton
BA Economics | Virginia Tech
"Choosing to pursue a MBA at Virginia Tech has been a phenomenal decision for my personal and career growth. Currently working in pricing and project control for a small business, the MBA program has allowed me to supplement my real-world working experience with a strong foundation of business knowledge. Virginia Tech's network of alumni as well as the opportunity that the program provides for networking with peers provide invaluable tools for students to utilize in order to help further their careers. Go Hokies."


Gowtam Chirluri
BS Business Administration | University of North Carolina at Wilmington
"The MBA program at Virginia Tech has been a rewarding experience. I have appreciated the accessibility to a DMV campus and convenience of scheduling my classes so that I can continue working full-time. In addition, the curriculum has provided me with a strong foundation in core management, leadership, and finance principles, which have resulted in valuable benefits when applied at my job. "


Cara Fishman
MS Systems Engineering | Virginia Tech
BA Sport Management | University of Michigan
"Virginia Tech’s Evening MBA program has given me the strategic perspective necessary to lead well in the workplace. The Evening MBA offers personalized flexibility without compromising on intellectual rigor. I am grateful for the experiences I have had at Virginia Tech and proud to be a part of this academic community."


Tobias Planert
International Business and Cultural Studies | University of Passau
"Working for a small start-up company in the electrical utility market I decided to enhance my skills through the Evening MBA Program to help me in my effort to grow the business and expand our manufacturing capability. It has been a great decision - now only in the second semester, I can already say that the classes have helped me gain valuable new insights. I thoroughly enjoy making new connections with other students and teachers, and learn about their professional backgrounds. The program is very well taught and administered, and it remains small enough to be personal."


Meghan Pope
MA Advertising | Syracuse University
BS Media Art and Design, BS Communication, Minor in Film Studies | James Madison University
"The Virginia Tech MBA program is helping me achieve my professional goals by providing me with core business knowledge as I shift careers from Marketing to Finance. The courses help me to develop as a business professional and a leader while also creating opportunities to network with professors, mentors, peers and alumni. In addition, the flexibility of the program allows me to juggle a full-time job and my family life with two children while still pursuing my degree."


Farzana Rahman
AB Biology & Psychology | Cornell University
BS Pharmacy | Northeastern University
"The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program has been amazing. Choosing to go back to the classroom after so many years was a difficult and scary decision but the collaborative and intellectually challenging environment has made it worthwhile and exciting."


Bryon Russell
BS Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise | Virginia Tech
"The VA Tech MBA Program has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and gain invaluable knowledge in areas of business which I had no prior experience. The diverse course load I’ve taken has provided me countless insights as to how I can be a more informed decision maker, better problem solver and stronger leader. The last three years have offered me tremendous personal and professional growth and I have no doubt that VA Tech’s holistic approach to teaching business and management has broadened my competency as a manager and better positioned me for business success in the future."


Aashish Raj Simha
M.Eng. Computer Engineering | University of Maryland
B.S. Computer Engineering | Purdue University
"The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program will supplement my engineering education and broaden my skills. I wish to use my new found skills to take up leadership roles within my organization and drive innovation and growth. I am sure an MBA from Virginia Tech will help me achieve my professional goals."


Sarah Walker
BS Business Administration | University of Missouri 
"Virginia Tech hit all the wants and needs for my graduate education: Nationally ranked part-time MBA program, flexibility for evening courses to enable me to continue working full-time, and access to a large local alumni community. Additionally, the University’s mission of "quality, innovation, and results" align perfectly to what I wish to accomplish with the program."


Esha Zaman
BS Business, Accounting & Finance |  Virginia Tech

"The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program is a great fit for me because it not only accommodates my work schedule but it has provided me with a great opportunity to enhance my technical and professional skills. I am able to build a long lasting and impactful network with the professors and my fellow classmates while learning in a friendly environment."

Meet the four highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Fall 2016:


Joey Lauffer
BA Political Science | James Madison University
"The MBA program at Virginia Tech has done a great job enhancing the skills I have developed in the Defense Contracting Industry as a Project Manager. As a manager who prides himself on knowing as much as possible to be prepared and effective, many classes such as finance, accounting, operations and DSS especially helped sharpen my skills. The application of the curriculum to my career has lived up to the hype, and I look forward to taking things to the next level once I graduate in May. LET’S GO! HOKIES!"


Swapna Lele
MS Chemistry, BS Electrical Engineering | Birla Institute of Technology and Science
"Joining the Evening MBA program has been one of the best decisions of my life. The MBA setting has helped me to put the “entrepreneur” hat on and be comfortable in it. Running my IT startup comes with its unique set of challenges that I try to meet to the best of my ability, and with the empowering skills and tools that I gather and practice from my MBA courses at Virginia Tech."


Syed Tariq Mansoor
BE Computer Systems Engineering | NED University of Engineering and Technology
" [The] VT Evening MBA is a breath of fresh air in my professional and personal life. It's competitive learning environment, effective administration and great faculty not only have given me the ability to remain committed to my studies but also have provided me with an opportunity to take my career to the next level."


Steven Paska
BS Civil Engineering | George Mason University
"Choosing to pursue a MBA at Virginia Tech is proving to be a hugely beneficial decision for taking my career to the next level. As a licensed civil engineer, the MBA program has allowed me to supplement my technical experience with a strong business foundation. Virginia Tech's network of alumni and mentoring program has already proven a valuable tool for advancing my career."

Meet the seven highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Spring 2016:


Peter Caylor
BS Electrical Engineering | California Institute of Technology
"What drove me to choose the Evening MBA program is the flexibility it offers. Both the flexibility to adjust my course load to accommodate work commitments and the flexibility to tailor the MBA to meet my personal needs. The large number of electives has allowed me to focus on my area of interest (technology entrepreneurship) and still participate in some of the unique opportunities of the program, like the study abroad trips."


Justin Door
MS Astronautical Engineering | USC
BS Aerospace Engineering | Embrey-Riddle
"Virginia Tech’s MBA program has been helping me broaden my horizons and take a more holistic view of the business world. As an engineer, I haven’t always had the insight needed to understand why business decisions are made that differ from the most sound technical decision, so being within this program has helped me better understand these concerns and perform better today in my technical role. Going abroad to India has helped me better understand the difficulties developing countries face, and better appreciate their achievements within the aerospace sector where I work. These experiences and my education at Virginia Tech are helping me perform better in my role right now, and prepare me to advance in my career in a globally competitive environment."


Leonard Mahoney
BS Accounting | Rowan University
"I couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend Virginia Tech at the National Capital Region. The Evening MBA program is perfectly designed for individuals like me that want to further their education while still being committed to their career. I look forward to the opportunities that will be available to me after graduating from such a highly ranked school."


Kevin McInnish
BS Electrical Engineering | University of Texas at Austin
"The VT MBA program has given me a deeper appreciation for the scope and ideals of successful management in an ever-changing world. The program continuously challenges me to embrace stepping out of my comfort zone to become a more confident and knowledgeable peer and leader. I am certain that what I learn here will pay dividends for the rest of my career in intellectual property."


Natalie Pinnoi
BS Psychology | College of William & Mary
"The study abroad trip through the MBA program was an experience of a lifetime. Going to both India and Dubai and seeing the similarities and differences between the two countries themselves and the United States was extremely educational. Learning about the nuances of each state/country, their history, or lack thereof, and their unique culture was tremendously valuable and will continue to be valuable throughout my professional career. The experience opened up new areas of opportunities that I was not previously aware of and now, will most certainly tap into in the future."


David Tervonen
BS Mechanical Engineering | Michigan Technological University
"The Pamplin College of Business is known for expertise and accomplishments in business intelligence/analytics and one of the driving reasons why I chose to apply for acceptance to the MBA program. My job entails using performance data to inform management decisions in areas such as: organization, scheduling, budgeting, accounting, predictive analysis, and change control. My experience with the MBA program to date gives me assurance that my skillset will be greatly enhanced upon completion of the MBA program at Virginia Tech."


Greg Wigton
BBA Management Information Systems | University of Notre Dame
"The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program has allowed me to continue to work full time while pursuing a graduate degree. My experience managing cyber security Research & Development efforts for the federal government has provided me the skills to identify promising technologies, create and execute program schedules, and manage successful research projects. My education from the VT MBA program will provide me with the experience and knowledge to help transition those research projects into viable technology products that can be commercialized or spun into a successful business."

Meet the four highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for Fall 2015:


Mark An
BS Industrial & Systems Engineering | Virginia Tech
“As a Strategy Consultant and Manager with Deloitte Consulting, the Virginia Tech MBA program has helped me to gain a more holistic understanding of business organizations across people, process, and technology. It has increased my repertoire of proven methods and techniques to help address common client challenges in strategy and operations. Personally, it has also helped me to become a more informed financial investor.”


Mahsa Dornajafi
MS Electrical Engineering | University of Maryland
BS Electrical Engineering | University of Missouri – Rolla

"As an engineer in the position of a Research and Development Manager, I have learned how to transform laboratory experiments into manufacturable technologies. However, I have realized that scalability and manufacturing are only one side of product development, and that an understanding of the business side is what is necessary to make technology accessible to the public. My MBA education will compliment my technical training and teach me how to approach product development more holistically, with insight into the entire process from inception through sale."


Paula Eichenbrenner
BA Slavic Languages | Tulane University
"As a non-profit leader, the VT Evening MBA is preparing me to create a larger impact for the greater good with first-rate education on timely topics including data analytics, business ethics and marketing. At the conclusion of the program, I will be a more informed citizen - and a more attractive candidate in the increasingly competitive job market."


Brenden Jeziorski
BS Information Sciences & Technology | Penn State
“The Virginia Tech MBA program has allowed me to continue working full-time during the day while furthering my education at night. I have been able to apply the IT and business skills from class into my work, allowing me to further my career from day one.”