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Virginia Tech Evening MBA Scholarship Recipients - Spring 2016

Meet the seven highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for spring 2016:

  • Kevin

    Kevin (University of Texas at Austin - BS Electrical Engineering, VT MBA Candidate) — "The VT MBA program has given me a deeper appreciation for the scope and ideals of successful management in an ever-changing world. The program continuously challenges me to embrace stepping out of my comfort zone to become a more confident and knowledgeable peer and leader. I am certain that what I learn here will pay dividends for the rest of my career in intellectual property."

  • Greg

    Greg (University of Notre Dame - B.B.A Management Information Systems, VT MBA Candidate) — "The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program has allowed me to continue to work full time while pursuing a graduate degree. My experience managing cyber security Research & Development efforts for the federal government has provided me the skills to identify promising technologies, create and execute program schedules, and manage successful research projects. My education from the VT MBA program will provide me with the experience and knowledge to help transition those research projects into viable technology products that can be commercialized or spun into a successful business."

  • Len

    Len (Rowan University – BS Accounting, VT MBA Candidate) — "I couldn’t be happier with my decision to attend Virginia Tech at the National Capital Region. The Evening MBA program is perfectly designed for individuals like me that want to further their education while still being committed to their career. I look forward to the opportunities that will be available to me after graduating from such a highly ranked school."

  • David

    David (Michigan Technological University – BS Mechanical Engineer, VT MBA Candidate) — "The Pamplin College of Business is known for expertise and accomplishments in business intelligence/analytics and one of the driving reasons why I chose to apply for acceptance to the MBA program. My job entails using performance data to inform management decisions in areas such as: organization, scheduling, budgeting, accounting, predictive analysis, and change control. My experience with the MBA program to date gives me assurance that my skillset will be greatly enhanced upon completion of the MBA program at Virginia Tech."

  • Peter

    Peter (California Institute of Technology – BS Electrical Engineering, VT MBA Candidate) — "What drove me to choose the Evening MBA program is the flexibility it offers. Both the flexibility to adjust my course load to accommodate work commitments and the flexibility to tailor the MBA to meet my personal needs. The large number of electives has allowed me to focus on my area of interest (technology entrepreneurship) and still participate in some of the unique opportunities of the program, like the study abroad trips."

  • Justin

    Justin (Embrey-Riddle – BS Aerospace Engineering, USC – MS Astronautical Engineering, VT MBA Candidate) — "Virginia Tech’s MBA program has been helping me broaden my horizons and take a more holistic view of the business world. As an engineer, I haven’t always had the insight needed to understand why business decisions are made that differ from the most sound technical decision, so being within this program has helped me better understand these concerns and perform better today in my technical role. Going abroad to India has helped me better understand the difficulties developing countries face, and better appreciate their achievements within the aerospace sector where I work. These experiences and my education at Virginia Tech are helping me perform better in my role right now, and prepare me to advance in my career in a globally competitive environment."

  • Natalie

    Natalie (College of William & Mary – Psychology, VT MBA Candidate) — "The study abroad trip through the MBA program was an experience of a lifetime. Going to both India and Dubai and seeing the similarities and differences between the two countries themselves and the United States was extremely educational. Learning about the nuances of each state/country, their history, or lack thereof, and their unique culture was tremendously valuable and will continue to be valuable throughout my professional career. The experience opened up new areas of opportunities that I was not previously aware of and now, will most certainly tap into in the future."

Virginia Tech Evening MBA Scholarship Recipients - Fall 2015

Meet the four highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards for fall 2015:

  • Mark

    Mark (Virginia Tech B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering, VT MBA Candidate Spring 2016) — “As a Strategy Consultant and Manager with Deloitte Consulting, the Virginia Tech MBA program has helped me to gain a more holistic understanding of business organizations across people, process, and technology. It has increased my repertoire of proven methods and techniques to help address common client challenges in strategy and operations. Personally, it has also helped me to become a more informed financial investor.”

  • Mahsa

    Mahsa (University of Missouri – Rolla B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland M.S. Electrical Engineering, new VT MBA Candidate) — "As an engineer in the position of a Research and Development Manager, I have learned how to transform laboratory experiments into manufacturable technologies. However, I have realized that scalability and manufacturing are only one side of product development, and that an understanding of the business side is what is necessary to make technology accessible to the public. My MBA education will compliment my technical training and teach me how to approach product development more holistically, with insight into the entire process from inception through sale."

  • Paula

    Paula (Tulane University B.A. Slavic Languages, new VT MBA candidate) — "As a non-profit leader, the VT Evening MBA is preparing me to create a larger impact for the greater good with first-rate education on timely topics including data analytics, business ethics and marketing. At the conclusion of the program, I will be a more informed citizen - and a more attractive candidate in the increasingly competitive job market."

  • Brenden

    Brenden (Penn State – B.S. Information Sciences & Technology, VT MBA Candidate Spring 2017) — “The Virginia Tech MBA program has allowed me to continue working full-time during the day while furthering my education at night. I have been able to apply the IT and business skills from class into my work, allowing me to further my career from day one.”